The pleasure of relaxing

It appears to be one of those soulful places where first and foremost Nature lovers can find a true dimension of inner harmony. There are many spaces carefully created on these premises that offer the opportunity to relax and switch off from the rest of the world. One thinks of the many gardens whose shade may be created by the foliage of monumental olive trees, or by the elements that furnish the various spaces.

What a pleasure to be able to enjoy a private room outside, reserved for those staying in the room “fienile”, so discreet and welcoming. It is here that you are likely to spend hours lounging on comfortable and elegant sofas, watching TV, listening to music or indulging in a nice hot tub. Proper relaxation is enhanced by the sound of water flowing by and by the pleasing aesthetics of the decor including the typical handmade pottery from Grottaglie. 

Not to be missed is a walk or a rest in the citrus grove, perhaps with a good book, or appreciate the delight of freely roaming the surrounding areas, covered in red soil and characterized by the presence of olive, carob and almond trees that add colour and warmth to this southern land.